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Numbers Chapter 6 The Law of the Nazirite

Numbers Chapter 6 The Law of the Nazirite

Omniscient – I don’t know where to begin.  I do not know anything.  You know everything.  You know what a Nazirite is and who is one and why they are.  You know what this means and why.  You are all-knowing.

Omnipotent- You can do anything.  You have Moses speak to the sons of Israel and to Aaron and his sons for You.  You are quoted.  You put it into their heart to do.  You are Jehovah My God.  You write Your laws on my heart and in my mind.  You are all-powerful.

Omnipresent – You are everywhere.  You are in the midst of Israel.  You are at the doorway of the tent of meeting.  You are in their hearts.  You are here with me.  You are in my heart. You are all-present.

Eternal – You are the cause of time.  You cause all the days of his vow of separation and until the days are fulfilled.  You cause the day when he becomes clean.  You are the seventh day and the eighth day.  You are that same day she shall consecrate his head.  You are all his days.  You are all of my days.  You are forever. You are time.

Immutable – You do not change.  According to his vow, which he takes, he shall do according to the law of separation.  Aaron and his sons shall invoke Your name on the sons of Israel, and You then will bless them.  You will never be made to change.

Self – Existent – You exist by Yourself.  You will exist even when the sons of Israel do not.  You decide.  You make-up Your creation’s existences.  You make up the sons of Israel’s existence.  You make up the Nazirite’s existence.  You make up the law of the Nazirite.  You make up my existence.  You make up Your Word’s existence.  But why?

Self-Sufficient – You do not need any of Your creation to bring about Your will or Your purpose.  You choose to use the sons of Israel and the Nazirite and the law of the Nazirite because it is Your good pleasure, not Your need, that governs Your choice.  But why?

Infinite – There are no limits or bounds to Your person or dominion.  There are no limits to Your laws or the vows to You or Your blessings.

Transcendent – You are apart from Your creation.  You teach the sons of Israel and me about You. You teach me about the law of the Nazirite.  Being a Nazirite is hard.  Not to cut my hair – I did even when I don’t want to.  Not to drink – I do even when I don’t want to.  Not to drink grape juice, nor eat fresh grapes or raisings – I do without even thinking.  I want to take a vow of separation but I don’t know how to, especially when I have a family who does not understand or know.  How is the law of Nazirite different from Baptism?  The ritual’s are different, but isn’t Baptism also a vow of separation or a vow of dedication?


Baptism – Rom 6:4; Eph 4:5; Col 2:12; Acts 1:5; Acts 2:38; 19:4; Rom 6:3; 1 Cor 10:2; 12:3; 15:29

·       Am I baptized My LORD?  What am I doing?  Do I have the gift of the Holy Spirit?  “For the promise is for you and your children, and for all who are far off, as many as the LORD our God shall call to Himself.”  My heart hurts My LORD.  I want to be separated.  I want to be dedicated.  I want to be Yours.  I want to be something.  I don’t want to hurt You or fail You.  I don’t want to be stupid or mindless.  My heart hurts My LORD.

Sovereign – You are Jehovah My God.  You put it into my heart.  You put it into my mind.  You know what You are doing.  You are in complete control and You are doing Your foreknown plan!

Holy – You are a morally excellent, perfect being.  You separate a Nazirite from the sons of Israel for Your purpose.  It is a different separation from the priest and the Levites.

Gracious – You bless the sons of Israel.

Merciful – You provide a way for a Nazirite to fulfill his vow know he is only human.

Righteous – You are always right.  The Law of the Nazirite is the right way to be blessed by You.

Longsuffering –You are patient with the Nazirite and with me and slow to anger.

Just – You punish the guilty, cover sin, and reward the righteous.

Loving – You love the Nazirite and give them everything they need and keep them.  You give them peace.

Good – You give a part of Yourself to the Nazirite by making Your warm, bright, loving face shine on them.  You lift up Your countenance on them.

Wise – Your wisdom causes You to do what You do.  The Nazirite’s hair is important and what they eat and drink and do and touch.  Anyone, man or woman makes a special vow, a difficult vow, the vow of a Nazirite, to dedicate himself to You.

Truthful – What You say is always true.  The law of the Nazirite is reality.

Faithful – You always do what You promise.  You bless them and keep them and make Your face shine on them. And are gracious to them; You lift up Your countenance on them, and give them peace.  Aaron and his sons shall invoke Your name on the sons of Israel, and You then will bless them.

Wrathful –You will destroy all unrighteousness.  You destroy all unrighteousness.

Jealous – You will not share the Nazirite or me who are rightly and morally Yours with any other creature.  You separate those who are Yours.


Incomprehensible – You separate the sons of Israel.  You separate Aaron and his sons as priest for the sons of Israel.  You separate the Levites as a replacement for all of the firstborn of Israel to serve Aaron and his sons and carry Your tabernacle.  You spate a man or a woman who makes a vow to dedicate himself to You as a Nazirite.

·       A razor shall not pass over his head.  What about the armpits or the legs?

·       How does one not constantly mess up?


I have to start at Chapter 6 because I have reintegrated Chapters 1-6 back into the rest of the body of my work.  I am finding that as I type I realize that the first part of my work is very concrete.  It is all about me and me trying to fit where I am.  My friend is a Nazirite.  I do not mean the religion I mean this chapter.  He is Jewish and a Levite and he observes all of the laws of the Nazirite.

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