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Leviticus Chapter 16

Leviticus Chapter 16

Omniscient – You know everything.  You know what to say to Moses.  You know what is in Moses’ heart.  You know what this all means.  You know how this applies to Jesus and to Satan.  You know how this is a copy of Your heavenly throne.  You know my heart.  You are all-knowing.

Omnipotent- You can do anything. You have this written down and You have me reading it thousands of years later.  You put it into Moses’ heart to do what You want him to.  You put it into my heart to do what You want me to.  You are all-powerful.

Omnipresent – You are everywhere.  You are in the midst of Israel.  You are outside the camp.  You are at the doorway of the tent of meeting and at Your altar and above Your mercy seat.  You are here with me.  You are in my heart.  You are all-present.

Eternal – You are the cause of time.  You are the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month.  You are on this day.  You are time.

Infinite – There are no limits or bounds to Your person or dominion.  There is no limit to Your permanent state.  You do not limit Yourself to man.  A permanent statute is forever and ever.

Self – Existent – You exist by Yourself.  You cause all of Your creation to exist.  You cause Moses to exist and the priests to exist.  You cause the bull of the sin offering to exist and the scapegoat to exist.  You decide.  You make them up for me to read about.

Self-Sufficient – You do not need any of Your creation to bring about Your will or Your purpose.  You choose to use Moses and the priest and the sin offerings and the burnt offerings ad atonement and the scapegoat because it is Your good pleasure, not Your need, that governs Your choice.

Immutable – You do not change.  The priest who is anointed and ordained to serve as priest in his father’s place shall make atonement:  he shall thus put on the linen garments, the holy garments.  And just as You commanded Moses, so he did.  You will never be made to change.

Transcendent – You are apart from Your creation.  You teach Moses what the priest’s are supposed to do.  You give instructions how the priest is to make atonement for the holy sanctuary and atonement for the tent of meeting and for the altar.  Also how the priest is to make atonement for the priests and for all the people of the assembly.

I predict that Jesus is Moses AND the priest?

Is Satan the scapegoat?  Where do I fit in?  how does this relate to me?  When I visualize all of the offerings being made and the blood I want to know whose blood today?  Then the animal had to be clan and unblemished.  Is it just Jesus’ blood?  Or did he atone for the sanctuary and the tent of meeting and the altar?  Has he come out of the holy place yet?  Am I making correct connections?  There is a connection with your holy throne.  This is a copy of Your heavenly tabernacle.  Assigning these attributes are organizing, summarizing, and taking notes.  I am trying to evaluate Your message.  I hope I am developing a sensitivity to Your nonverbal communication.  I am trying to listen.

Sovereign – You speak to Moses.  You speak to Your Son, Your WORD, Jesus.  Your Word speaks to me.  It is You the sons of Israel worship.  It is You I ma trying to worship.  Your require Your instructions to be done.  You make everything happen for a reason.  You do not need offerings to You.  You are in complete control and You are doing Your foreknown plan!

Holy – You are a morally excellent, perfect being.  Your are a morally excellent, perfect being.  You have Your sanctuary, Your tent of meeting and Your altar and Your priests and Your people that are separated for Your purpose.

Gracious – You show the sons of Israel Your favor by giving us a Sabbath of solemn rest that we my humble our souls.

Merciful – You show the sons of Israel Your compassion by giving them Your statutes to follow to bring them into a good condition before You.

Longsuffering – You are patient with the sons of Israel and slow to anger. 

Righteous – You are always right. And You teach the right way to You.

Just – You punish the guilty, cover the stench of guiltiness, and reward the righteous.

Loving – You love the sons of Israel and make them Your possession and You are their God.

Good – Your statutes reveal Your world.

Wise – Your wisdom causes You to give Your instructions that has important information.

Truthful – You always speak the truth.  Now You I shall have this as a permanent statute, to make atonement for the sons of Israel  me for all their my sins once every year.

Faithful – You always do what You promise.  You give us a copy of the true one holy place, heaven itself.  Jesus is now to appear in to presence of You for us.

Wrathful – You will destroy all unrighteousness.  You give specific instructions on the right way.

Jealous – You will not share Your tabernacle or Your heaven or Your sons of Israel what are rightly and morally Yours with any other creature.


Incomprehensible – Why does Aaron need to enter the holy place with a bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering?  Is he in trouble with You?  Isn’t it enough to just show up?  How did the priests remember all of these things?  The priests are common ordinary people who sin also.  They are only from the right family, the sons of Aaron.  Is the scapegoat being merciful o me?  So that all of my sins can be sent away?  Are Jesus and Satan twins?  Satan is the oldest but Jesus has the birthright, verse 12 and 13 is about the altar of incense!  Thank-You for showing me that.  What is sweet incense to You?  What does seven times mean to You as in verse 14?  You abide with me in the midst of my impurities.  No one is in the tent of meeting until He Jesus comes out and He will start from Your sanctuary.  Why does He have have to cleanse and consecrate the altar and the tent of meeting?  Isn’t it already?

Who is ‘the one’ in verse 26?  ‘a man who stands in readiness’?  Jesus?  What does this mean?

Jesus was taken outside the camp.  In verse 28, who is ‘the one’ - different from ‘the one’ in verse 26?  Is it You My LORD?

The priest is Jesus to serve in Your place?  Jesus has a big job!

How does this relate to me?  What am I supposed to know?  How do I remember this?

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