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Numbers Chapter 10

Numbers Chapter 10

Omniscient – You know everything.  You know to make them armies.  You know how they should set out.  You know their order of March.  You know why You want them to make themselves two trumpets of silver and how to make the alarms and what they mean.  You know their organization is always ready for a battle.  You know their hearts.  You know me.  You know my heart. You are all-knowing.

Omnipotent- You can do anything.  You make them do all that You command.  You put it into their hearts.  You know who Hobab is and the difference between Hobab and Jethro.  You know the difference between Reuel and Jethro and You make it say what Your Word says.  You have it say ‘To the myriad thousands of Israel’.  Is that ten thousand thousands 100,000?  Or 1 million 1,000,000?  Or 10 million 10,000,000?  Or Infinite?  You make it say that.  You put Your laws in my heart and write them on my mind.  You are all-powerful.

Omnipresent – You are everywhere.  You are on the east side and the south side and the west side and the north side.  You are in the wilderness of Sinai and in the wilderness of Paran.  You are in their midst and journeying in front of them.  You are here with me.  You are in my heart.  You are all-present.

Eternal – You are the cause of time.  You are throughout generations.  You are the time of war, in the days of gladness, in the appointed feasts, and on the first days of the months.  You are the second year, in the second month, on the twentieth of the month.  You are three days’ journey. You are time.

Immutable – You do not change.  They moved out for the first time according to Your commandment through Moses.  It will be, if he goes with them, it will come about that whatever good You do for them, they will do for him.  You will never be made to change.

Self – Existent – You exist by Yourself.  You make the trumpets and the sounds to exist.  You make Your cloud exist.  You make their order of march exist.  You make myriad thousands of Israel exist.  You will exist even when Your creation does not.  It is Your creation who needs You in order to exist.  You make up my existence.  You decide.  You choose.

Self-Sufficient – You do not need any of Your creation to bring about Your will or Your purpose.  You choose to use me and the myriad thousands of Israel because it is Your good pleasure, not Your need, that governs Your choice.

Infinite – There are no limits or bounds to Your person or dominion.  There are no limits to myriad thousands of Israel.  Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts.  Your wisdom is higher than my wisdom.

Transcendent – You are apart from Your creation.  You teach me about Your.  You teach me about Your two trumpets of silver and the alarms and the order of march.  You teach me about when the standard of the camp of the sons of Judah set out.  You teach me about when the tabernacle is taken down and the sons of Gershon and the sons of Merari set out.  Next the standard of the camp of Reuben.  Then the Kohathites set out, carrying the holy objects.  Next the standard of the camp of the sons of Ephraim.  Then the standard of the camp of the sons of Dan.  You teach me about Hobab, perhaps Moses’ brother-in-law?  Hobab stays with Moses and with Israel.  The ark of the covenant journeys in front of Israel for the three days to seek out a resting place for them.  And You were over them by day, when they set out from the camp.  You rose up and their enemies were scattered and those who hate You fled before You.  You returned the myriad thousands of Israel when it (the Ark of the covenant) came to rest.

       You went ahead of me and now the ark of the covenant will rest and You will return to me.  I am afraid I will start expecting it and becoming arrogant and stumbling.


Sovereign – You left up Israel and guide them.  It is You who is changing Israel.  It is You Israel worships.  It is You I worship.  You are in complete control and You are doing Your foreknown plan!

Holy – You are a morally excellent, perfect being.  You separate them from their order of march.  You rise up.

Gracious – You show Israel Your favor when You rise up and let Your enemies be scattered, and let those who hate You flee before You.

Merciful – You lead them and show them the way.

Righteous – You are always right.  You teach the right way.  Your order of march is the right way.

Longsuffering – You are patient with me and slow to anger.

Just – You punish the guilty, atone sin, and reward the righteous.

Loving – You love me and the sons of Israel.  You give me what I need and care for me.  You take care of me.

Good – You give a part of Yourself to me.  I am in Your image and You are helping me to know You.

Wise – Your wisdom causes You to do what You do to teach me and give me information and knowledge. 

Truthful – You always speak the truth.  Your two trumpets of silver are reality.

Faithful – You lead Israel to the Promised Land.

Wrathful –You will destroy all unrighteousness.

Jealous – You will not share Israel or Your trumpets or Your alarms what are rightly and morally Yours with any other creature.


Incomprehensible – What does this Chapter mean?  What does it mean to me?  How does it relate to me?  Your trumpets of silver are blown by Your Seraphim Angels, the priestly sons of Aaron?  You give such great detail of how the trumpets are blown and what each sound means, and when they are to be blown.  You are specific with the order of march.  You give the procession of all of Your angels.  You rise up and let Your enemies be scattered and let those who hate You flee before You.

·       Who am I My Lord?  I am nobody.  I cannot not sin against You.  I cannot refrain from doing my own will.  Why do You specifically say

o   ‘To the myriads thousands of Israel’?  What are You teaching me about You?  What do You want me to know?  What is wrong with me?  What are You thinking My LORD?


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