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Leviticus Chapter 13

Leviticus Chapter 13

Omniscient – You know my heart.  You know how I feel and what I am thinking.  You know what is wrong with me and why it is so.  You know what to speak to Moses and Aaron.  You know all of the infections.  You know what they are and what the priest should do and what to have the sons of Israel do.  You know what leprosy is.  You know everything.  You are all-knowing.

Omnipotent- You can do anything.  You make all of Your infections.  You made leprosy.  You make it happen.  You isolate those who have the infection.  You teach the priests what to look for and what to do.  You make croissants 20cents and do not lose my wallet.  You made somebody good to find my wallet and good to me.  I was patient and You made me on time.  You provided dinner and helped me prepare it.  You will help me to know that I am okay. You are all-powerful.

Omnipresent – You are everywhere.  You are in the midst of Israel.  You are in the sons of Israel’s hearts.  You are with the priests.  You are here.  You are in my heart.  You are with me.  You are all-present.

Eternal – You are time.  You are the cause of time.  You cause seven days and You are the seventh day.

Immutable – If the leprosy has covered all the body, the priest shall pronounce clean him who has the infection; it has all turned white and he is clean.  If the infection has turned to white, then the priest shall pronounce clean him who has the infection; he is clean.  He shall burn the garment in which the mark occurs, for it is a leprous malignance; it shall be burned in the fire.  You do not change My LORD.  You will never be made to change.

Self – Existent – You exist by Yourself.  You make Israel to exist.  You make infections to exist.  You make me exist.  You make up existences.  You decide.

Self-Sufficient – You do not need any of Your creation to bring about Your will or Your purpose.  You do not need infections or priests; You choose them because it is Your good pleasure, not Your need, that governs Your choice.

Infinite – There are no limits or bounds to Your person or dominion.  There are no limits to what is clean and what is unclean. 

Transcendent – You are apart from Your creation.  You teach Israel how to look at infections and to make a distinction between the clean and unclean and what to do with the unclean.

Sovereign – It is You who chooses who has an infection and what is clean and unclean.  You decide who is clean and unclean.  You do not burn people who are unclean but send them outside the camp to live alone.  You do all of this. You are in total control and You are doing Your foreknown plan!

Holy – You are a morally excellent, perfect being.  You separate Israel from all uncleanness for Your purpose

Gracious – You show Israel Your favor by giving the priest specific instructions on what to look for and what to do.

Merciful – You show Israel Your compassion by keeping them all from getting leprosy and You do not kill the unclean.

Righteous – You are always right and know how to keep Israel healthy.

Just – You punish the guilty, to atone the guilty, and reward the righteous.

Loving – You love Israel and do not want them to get sick.

Good – Your specifications to the priest on what to look for and what to do and how to make a distinction between the unclean and the clean.

Wise – Your wisdom causes You to do what You do, to say what You say, and to give important information.

Longsuffering – You are patient with Israel and slow to anger.

Truthful – You always speak the truth.  These instructions will keep them healthy and clean.

Faithful – You always do what You promise.  You are Israel’s God and they are Your possession. 

Wrathful – You will destroy all unrighteousness.

Jealous – You will not share Israel who are rightly and morally Yours with any other creature.


Incomprehensible – Is infections and leavening related?  Do people have leprosy today?  How can I tell, a black head turns white?  Who are the priests?  They have enormous power over other people’s lives.  How does he see the infection?  I have to go to him and he looks at it and tells me what to do.

Did the priest or You not kill a person with leprosy because a person could be healed and clean again?  Leprosy is very contagious.  A leper would have to live alone unless he/she lived with other lepers but then there would be no hope of being healed.  Why is that?  That would be torture.  Why let them live miserable?  Once they get it can they get antibodies to it and do not get it again?  What is its purpose?  Why leprosy?  What does this mean?

Is there spiritual leprosy?

Jesus is the High Priest – He says who is clean and who is unclean.  Is there other priests beside Him:  What am I supposed to know?  How does this relate to me?

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