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Leviticus Chapter 11

Leviticus Chapter 11

Omniscient – You know who is clean.  You know how to be clean.  You know how to make the distinction between the unclean and the clean.  You know my heart.  You know what You are doing.  You are all-knowing.

Omnipotent- You can do anything.  Your Word tells about You.  It is a copy of Your heavenly things.  You can make me understand.  You can explain it to me if You just wanted to.  You make the distinction between the holy and the unholy and the unclean and the clean.  You can do anything You w ant to.  You are all-powerful.

Omnipresent – You are everywhere.  You are in Israel.  You are here with me.  You are in my heart.  You are in Your WORD.  You are all-present.

Eternal – You are the cause of time.  You know when this took place.  You know how long it took.  You were 3,000 years ago, You are now, and You will be in the future.  You are time.

Immutable – You do not change.  Things make me unclean.  Camels and pigs, the rock badger, the rabbit, things in the water that do not have fins or scales, the birds of prey, whatever walks on paws, swarming things which swarm on the earth, or any carcasses.  Ye in Acts Chp. 10, Your Word says “What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.”  For Peter it meant not only Jews, but the Gentiles as well.  Are all of these animals, Your creations still unclean?  Does it mean I should not eat pork or shrimp?  You will never be made to change.

Self – Existent – You exist by Yourself. You will exist even when your creation does not.  You make up Your creation.  You choose what is clean and what is unclean.  You make up my existence.

Self-Sufficient – You choose what we eat to make a distinction between what is holy and unholy and what is unclean and clean.  You do not need any of Your creation to bring about Your will or Your purpose.  You use food and animals because it is Your good pleasure, not Your need, that governs Your choice.

Infinite – There are no limits or bounds to Your person or dominion.  There are no bounds to Your animals and what are clean and what are unclean.

Transcendent – You teach me how to make a distinction.  Your creation really is not clean or unclean.  It is a test to test what I know against a standard You set.  In all Your food all that I have to stop eating is pork and shrimp right?

Sovereign – It is You who decides the distinction to be make.  You teach us about You.  You are holy.  I must consecrate myself and be holy; for You are holy.  You are Jehovah My God.  You are in complete control and You are doing Your foreknown plan!


Holy – You are a morally excellent, perfect being. I must consecrate myself and be holy for You are holy.

Gracious – You show Israel favor by helping them to make a distinction os what is unclean and what is clean.

Merciful – You show Israel compassion by helping them to consecrate themselves and learn how to be holy. 

Righteous – You are always right.  You teach the right way.

Longsuffering – You are patient with Israel and slow to anger.

Just – You punish the guilty, allow the guilty to be covered, and reward the righteous.

Loving – You love Israel and all of Your creation and want them to be consecrated and holy and to be My God??

Good – You give the distinction between the unclean and the clean to be made.

Wise – Your wisdom causes You to give the instructions You do to give information needed to be Your people.

Truthful – What You say is true.  These distinctions will consecrate me and make me holy.

Faithful – You do what You say.  You make them Your people and You are their God.

Wrathful – You will destroy all unrighteousness.

Jealous – You will not share Israel who are rightly and morally Yours with any other creature.


Incomprehensible – What is unclean?  Lev 5:2; Ps 106:39; Isa 6:5; Matt 10:1; Mark 5:13; Acts 10:14; Rom 14:14

Thus they became unclean in their practices, and played the harlot in their deeds.  Lev 18:24; Ezek 20:18; Lev 17:7; Num 15:39;

Judg 2:17; Hos 4:12

…I am of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips…  Ex 6:12, 30; Isa 59:3; Jer 9:3-8

There are unclean spirits – demons

Are all animals not cleansed and okay to eat?  What do You mean?  How does this relate to me?

I know and am convinced in the LORD Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself; but to him who thinks anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.

…And they shall not longer sacrifice their sacrifices to the goat demons with which they play the harlot.  Ex 22:20; 32:8; 34:15; Deut 32:17; 2 Chr 11:13; Ps 106:37; 1 Cor 10:20

…do not follow after my own heart and my own eyes, after which I play the harlot…  Is wanting to become a teacher harlotry My Lord?

Is going to Church on Sunday good or evil?  Is being baptized Episcopalian, Jehovah Witness, Mormon or something else good or evil?  Do religions make  person consecrated and holy separating them for Your purpose?  Or am I okay?  Am I doing the right way?  I am separated from the, trusting in only You.  I listen to Jesus Your Son, but I am trying not to worship Him.  I am trying not to worship Satan.  I am here with You – trying.  How do I become consecrated and holy?  Can I?

Dear Jehovah God, I have not had a period.  A menstruation period makes me unclean?  Am I clean?  It is for a purpose?  Is it Your will?

What am I supposed to be doing?  What is the right way and what is blaspheming against You?  It is so hard.  Please let me know, through Jesus Christ’s name and through his ransom sacrifice.  Amen.

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