It all started when...

A. Tristano received her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education in 2006. Now since 2013, following her true calling, she serves as a Parish Administrative Assistant. She loves to read and pray. Spirituality is the top most important thing she must do. Things she loves to do but not very good at are fly-fishing, quilting, and hand stitch embroidery, among many unfinished projects.

When she was a child, she prayed all that she is now creating--the still small voice whispering "say it out loud." For the past several years she has been typing her work to archive it--a louder voice echoing "say it louder." She created Pre-Nicene as a handwritten manuscript--a closer, deeper voice saying "shout it." 

This is her own personal Spiritual Autobiography. Read chapter and verse of the Scripture passage, and each sentence that follows a given biblical passage is a summary of what is in her heart. She is being called to let you hear the conversations, and she invites you to listen in, to be a part. Thank you!